Top Reasons Not to Hate HR Professionals

February 20, 2021


Small businesses often ignore the importance of human resources department. Although HR management is not taken seriously in small companies, it can determine their success or failure. In fact, HR management plays a critical role in every business, regardless of its size. Here, we’ll walk you through some of the main responsibilities of HR department and explain how it helps your company.


What Is the HR Department?

Employees often consider HR as a department which is only responsible for hiring or firing an employee. But an HR department does far more than that. It deals with managing human resources in order to enhance the company’s performance. With the increasing rate of technological advancements, geographical distance is not an issue anymore. HR managers now face more complicated challenges such as onboarding, payroll, training employees, updating policies, etc. They should integrate business strategies across various products and cultures.


What Are the Responsibilities of an HR Department?

As we said, human resources professionals have a lot of responsibilities. Although many people hate HR and find it unnecessary, it’s still an essential part of every organization. Believe it or not, HR professionals are there to foster a supportive work environment for employees. Now, let’s get to know some of the most critical tasks of a human resources specialist.


1. Recruiting Candidates

This is the most common task of the HR department. Human resources professionals are responsible for identifying people with a certain set of skills. First, they should conduct a market analysis in order to gather necessary information about the market. Then, they should consult stakeholders so as to determine needs and expectations. Now, it’s time to find people who fit a particular job description. So, they’re in charge of employee recruitment. They should screen several resumes to find out whether a candidate is qualified for a given role or not. Since employees are the lifeblood of an organization, finding the perfect candidate can greatly influence a company’s performance.


2. Hiring and Onboarding

As mentioned above, HR professionals need to make sure that their chosen candidate meets all the requirements. After finding the right person, they should take care of all the necessary paperwork needed to hire a new employee. Most importantly, they have responsibility for onboarding new staff. In fact, they have to introduce new hires to their workplace and other employees. This is quite important. Since first impressions always matter. According to research, great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by %82. So, the human resources department should ensure a great induction experience for new employees.


3. Employee Training

Once new employees are hired, the human resources department should hold some classes in order to raise the company’s standards. It’s necessary to provide a learning environment so that employees can upgrade their skills. This has a major impact on the employee engagement of an organization. It’s also a great way to increase productivity in the workplace.


4. Rewards

Rewarding employees for doing their job right makes them motivated. This results in a healthy competition in the workplace. But rewards are more than just money. In fact, non-financial rewards such as recognition, extra holidays or even a company car can be much more effective. Not only do these rewards provide a significant incentive, they can also attract top talent to your company.


5. Maintaining Organizational Culture

Clearly, your work environment plays an important role in the way you work. The HR department should create a positive and safe environment so that employees can easily communicate with each other. Human resources managers should do their best to reduce stress at work. Encouraging social activities and creating quiet time for employees can have a considerable impact on their performance. In a positive workplace, employees feel comfortable expressing their ideas. The HR team has to make sure that all employees are treated with respect.


3 Reasons Not to Hate HR

Now that you’re almost familiar with HR responsibilities, let’s dive deeper into the topic. Many people hate HR professionals despite the fact that HR is there to support employees. Here, we’ll give you a brief insight into the way HR can support the essential needs of employees.


1. HR Offers Career Growth

Whenever you feel like there’s no point in doing your job, you’re in a state of stagnancy. Everybody hates stagnation. Human resources specialists should make sure that employees are motivated. To do so, the HR team has to provide a particular career path for every employee.


2. Training

Sometimes, the HR team should train employees so as to avoid stagnation in the workplace. The human resources department can analyze employees to figure out which classes should be held. Moreover, it can help develop better managers by monitoring their performance.


3. HR Provides Health Support

As you know, employees are one of the greatest assets of a company. Therefore, it’s necessary to protect both the psychological and the physical well-being of your staff. In fact, it’s on HR professionals to focus on employees’ health. Whenever employees are going through a personal problem, the human resources team is there to support them.




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