Ohhlicious Food Order & Delivery

The Ohhlicious team is determined to give fast, delicious, and cheap food online. They use fresh and healthy ingredients for cooking. Ohhlicious team has meal plans presented on their website, and people can order their food online and receive it at their doorstep. We’ve designed a website for them to do the mentioned jobs better and easier.

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We've designed WordPress websites for Ohhlicious food foundation with the following features:

  • Design the user interface and user experience according to the food industry and user requirements
  • Design over 10 professional pages
  • Create a custom header and footer for the website
  • Adaptive web design
  • Design graphical contents such as sliders, banners, images, icons, etc.
  • Design and implement 30 portfolios
  • Design and implement 100 product pages
  • Graphic product design
  • Create professional content
  • Optimize content for SEO