Kernsgm foundation

Kernsgm is an oil change station that wanted to automate their regular system to handle their customers in a better and more efficient way. They’ve done their jobs in a traditional way but they wanted to modernize the process of their occupation, and Sky Computer has helped them to achieve this goal.

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We’ve developed a Laravel dashboard for Kernsgm foundation with the following features:

The maintenance tracker is a useful platform for mechanics to manage their customers efficiently. We’ve developed the back-end of this management platform with the Laravel framework, and we’ve designed its front-end with CSS and HTML languages.

In the following, some of the services are mentioned:

  • User List: Super admin can define different admins in the platform.
  • Vehicle History: Admin can add vehicles into the dashboard and log repair history.
  • Vehicle Service: A list of various services and their status which is logged in the menu.
  • Service List: For all Vehicles, some services should be done periodically. In this menu, a list of vehicle functions, dates, and time for servicing is included.
  • Recent Activity: All activities occurring in the system will be logged here, including adding or removing users or doing any kinds of vehicle services.
  • Report options: You can import and export various reports in CSV format.