Environmental Pest Management

The Environmental Pest Management team is determined to eliminate pets around you. They support these services in Rochester Minnesota and today, 10 full routes, service east-central Minnesota including the greater 10 county metro area of the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs. They also serve a number of communities in Western Wisconsin. Environmental Pest Management provides a variety of pest control services from the elimination of rodents to the treatment of the vast variety of insects that infest homes and structures.

In the Sky Computer, we’ve developed a service ordering platform based on Laravel to help them to do their jobs better and easier. 

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We’ve developed a Laravel dashboard for Environmental Pest Management foundation with the following features:

The back-end of this service ordering platform is developed using the Laravel framework. Plus, we’ve designed its front-end with CSS and HTML languages.

  • Defining different users with different permission
  • Registering customers’ buildings and places
  • Assigning technicians to each place
  • Recording reports by technicians
  • Optimizing website speed