Professional Process

Think of us as an extension of your current development capabilities. We can answer your human resource needs or work with your existing team to enhance your team abilities. We are your company remote staff that scale our selves to the size of your projects, when your projects scale up we put more of our energy on to your projects 

Working with us allows your company to develop your projects using the human and other resources of another company. 

This approach allows your company to take the benefits of external expertise, cost management, and risk mitigation so they can concentrate existing resources on their core operations.

Switch to the Responsive and reliable IT Company that puts your business needs first.

Choosing Us Is Perfect When:

  • You’re having trouble hiring or retaining the development staff


  • You don’t want to distract your existing team with new projects

  • You need to scale fast and can’t wait around for a lengthy hiring process

Benefits Of Rely Us To Do Your Projects

Reduce training costs
Training and skill development is the responsibility of developer of projects
Employee vs. Contractor
Project outsourcing avoids navigating the legal landscape of employee vs. contractor issues.
Reduce management overhead
Management is the responsibility of the project developer.
Variable cost structure
Shifts fixed costs (employees) to variable costs (project costs) which change in proportion to the current level of project activity. This improves operating leverage.
Economies of scale
There is significant leverage when negotiating large contracts with outsourcers. Outsourcers also take advantage of their internal economies of scale for project work within their core competencies.
Results centric model
The responsibility for delivering results lies with the developer. Companies are buying agreed-upon results. Outsourcers are sharing in the risk and rewards of the IT project.
Just as it is easy to add or subtract staff augmentation resources, it is also easy to ramp up and down with project outsourcing.
Steps of project
Doing project from A to Z in a reliable contractor to be sure your project is done carefully
Keeps the focus on the core business
Because the responsibility for delivering results lies with the outsourcer, companies can stay focused on the results and their core business.
Overcome lack of internal capabilities
Companies that lack the internal capacity to complete specific projects will typically find it more cost-effective to outsource projects. This is especially true for intermittent needs and companies with no IT department.
Best practices
Taking advantage of industry best practices Can be accomplished simply by using an outsourcer who follows best practices. Outsourcers shoulder the responsibility of investing in the adoption, maintenance, and improvement of best practices.
Opportunity for legal redress
When a project is performed internally, any project failures or liabilities that arise are the company’s responsibility. When a project is outsourced, contracts are typically structured such that the outsourcer takes on that risk.

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