Logo Design Service


As mentioned in the logo design blog, a good logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, and it conveys the owner’s intended message. Your logo should follow the five principles below to ensure meets all of these criteria:

  1. Simple
  2. Memorable
  3. Monotone
  4. Timeless
  5. Versatile

Our Logo Design Process

Running a business in a competitive segment is always going to be a challenge. We follow a specific procedure to achieve the best logo for our customers. To know more about our methods read following Infos.

Requirements Extraction

A logo is a part of a company’s visual communication. It is not its entity; instead, it’s a part of the business and will often be the inspiration for the rest of the visual branding. The most important part is to have a full sit-down with the client and talk to them about their industry niche. We try to understand customer business and requirements well before going to the drawing board. In many cases, customers don’t know what exactly they want, so it is our mission to find out for ourselves by doing thorough research on the client’s industry and competition. Because we believe that it’s not the client’s responsibility to give us the requirements for the logo.


Simplicity is one of our logo design principles. Simple logos tend to age well, as is evident with the logos of famous brands. Most popular brands have simple logos as that makes them easier to remember and identify. Some well-known companies did start with fairly busy-looking logos, but over time these were simplified quite a bit to increase recognition. Another advantage of a simple logo is to be observed without losing detail in various formats and sizes.

Design a Memorable Logo

The company logo should be memorable, and we make all of our efforts to design a famous logo. Because a logo with simple shapes will be easier to remember, many well-known companies have memorable and straightforward logos.

While no one spends more than a second looking at a logo. Thus, it should have the property of being easy to remember.



We believe that a logo aside from colors should be attractive.

Logos are used in a variety of mediums and formats, some of which are going to be very small, such as a business card. On such a small scale, it can be challenging to distinguish between lots of colors. Thus, it is essential that a logo should look just as impactful in limited or black and white colors.

Modern Yet Timeless

You can be sure that we design a timeless logo for your company. A logo should be created with modern design characteristics in mind. However, it should be noted that the logo shouldn’t be made just with this year’s design trends, or it will look severely dated after a few years.

Versatile Logo

Another principle that you can be sure about it is designing an adaptable logo. Because a logo will appear on everything from a business card to a billboard. Electronic displays cannot be ignored any longer as well.

Modern smartphones have exceptionally high-resolution displays, and as such, require logos to made with a very high pixel density. It doesn’t need to be worried about such things with Sky Computer.