How to Create a Brand Voice for Your Business

January 12, 2021

brand voice

When it comes to branding, companies often focus on the visual identity of their brand. Since the company’s logo is the first thing that catches users’ attention. But what if a company suddenly loses its logo? How can it be recognized? That’s where the brand voice comes into play. It’s just as important as the brand visual identity. In this blog post, you’ll understand what a brand voice is and how to create one.


What’s a Brand Voice?

In simple terms, a brand voice is how you present yourself to your target audience. It refers to the way you communicate your brand personality. Your brand voice helps differentiate you from your competitors. It’s how you convey the core values and the mission statement of your company. The words and the language you use define your brand voice. It can also make a huge difference in the way people think of you. So, it should be at the heart of every content you create, including your social media posts and your advertisements.


The Dos and Don’ts of Creating a Brand Voice

Although your visual identity reflects the personality of your brand, it’s not strong enough to make you unique. Companies need to develop a voice so that people can identify them while reading their content.


Revisit Your Brand Voice

When it comes to creating a brand voice, the most common mistake is to set it and forget it. Language is always changing. New words and phrases are created every day. Also, some words which used to be common, have now become obsolete. Similarly, the way you represent your brand personality should evolve as well. Since brands often change over time. Businesses may expand through new product development or they might experience new CEO transitions. Also, changes in market conditions greatly influence every business in an industry. So, you should revise your company’s voice from time to time.


Consider These Characteristics in Your Brand Voice

A brand voice should have certain characteristics in order to stick in people’s minds. When created in the right way, it helps leave an enduring impression on your target audience. Here are some of the main characteristics that you should consider when developing your brand voice:

  • Authentic: Authenticity is one of the most important factors in creating a brand voice. Your brand voice should be completely genuine. In other words, it must convey your true message to the audience so as to represent who you are. This way, people can easily recognize you across various platforms.
  • Identifiable: You need to make sure that your brand voice makes you recognized. In fact, people should be able to identify you as soon as they read your content.
  • Complementary: As you know, your brand identity is the personality of your business. There are numerous elements which define your identity. Your brand voice should be aligned with other branding elements including logos, colors, packaging, etc.
  • Consistent: According to research, consistency leads to an increase of %23 in a company’s revenue. Your brand voice must be visible in your content so that people can simply identify you. Whenever you launch a new product or post on social media, you need to maintain your voice. This consistency helps your audience recognize you cross all the marketing channels.


How to Develop a Strong Brand Voice

Now that you’re almost familiar with the definition of brand voice, let’s dive deep into the subject. You want your audience to recognize your brand across all social media platforms. Therefore, you should find a way to represent it in a unique way. Try not to use the ordinary content we see every day. Instead, turn it into something clever that sticks in the mind. Here’s what you should do in order to develop an authentic voice for your business.


1. Define the Core of Your Brand

First and foremost, you should exactly determine what you do and what you’re trying to achieve. Defining your brand allows you to better represent your personality to your audience. It also enables you to apply further strategies according to your objectives. Therefore, every business needs to define these three statements:

  • Mission statement: Mission statements help distinguish a company from other similar businesses. It describes the nature and scope of a firm’s operations. A clear mission statement defines what a company does and what services it offers.
  • Vision statement: Businesses often develop a vision statement so as to determine what they’re going to achieve. Most vision statements are only a single sentence.
  • Core values: Core values are the major beliefs and philosophies existing in a company. These values have a great impact on the way a company interacts with its prospects and employees.


2. Examine Your Brand Personality

In this step, you should think of your brand as a human being. In fact, you need to face the question: “What would my brand be like if it were a real person?” Answering this question helps you realize your brand personality. Then, you should translate it into a voice and use it as your brand voice in every content you create. This way, you can better present yourself to your target audience.


3. Get to Know Your Target Audience

As a business owner, you need to convey your brand personality to your target audience. To do so, identifying your audience is a must. First, you should collect demographic data on your prospects. This way, you can almost figure out who they are and what they’re looking for. Getting to know your audience helps create an effective brand voice for your company.


4. Conduct a Competitive Analysis

Every business needs to conduct a competitive analysis so as to identify its competitors and figure out what they’re doing. Getting to know your competitors and their branding elements can help you define your unique brand voice. It’s important to know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors so as to choose the best strategies. It helps you develop your external factor evaluation (EFE) matrix and also perform a SWOT analysis. Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to conduct a competitive analysis.




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