How To Brand Your Pinterest Business Profile

March 22, 2020

PINTERESTBranding your business goes beyond your website. Online entrepreneurs, use social media platforms like Pinterest as their main marketing strategy and funnel to send people to their website. That’s why is crucial to be consistent across ALL your social media accounts so they fit your brand and website.

If you’re a blogger, are selling products or services, Pinterest should be your main focus. Why? Because it’s visual and most people are visual. We make a first impression in just 2.6 seconds when we something online. If you brand your Pinterest profile, you’re able to create a cohesive, consistent experience for your audience and your viewers will eventually remember you and recognize your pins in the sea of others.

Branding your Pinterest profile is about your:


Even though the profile picture is a really small circle (140x140px), it’s the first thing someone sees when they visit your profile. My tip to keep consistent branding is to use the same profile picture across all the social media and ideally, the same image should be on your website (on your blog sidebar, on about page, on the contact page, or other pages/s).

If you’re a blogger, you’re selling products or services and you’re the best way to brand your profile and enable your target audience to recognize you is to use a photo of you.

It also helps you show humans behind your brand which is crucial in getting clients and customers. If your company has more than one person, I’d suggest using your logo. Use headshot that represents you, so try to present your personality through the photo. It should be high quality and preferably taken by your family/friends (so no selfies) or if you have money to spear – hire a portrait photographer.


Again, if you’re a solopreneur or blogger, make sure to put your name PLUS brand name in your “Business name section”. People might search you by one of them. If you include your name, it also gives a personal touch to your brand.

Another great way to brand your Pinterest profile is to add keywords to your Pinterest display name. Why? Pinterest works as a search engine

If you don’t write a blog, add keywords relevant to your business, for example, “Graphic Designer”, “Logo Designer”“Brand Designer” or simply “Entrepreneur”. So in other words – the keywords should represent what you do or/and write about.

 3. BIO

Pinterest bio is a brief description, but after a profile picture, it’s the next important component that your visitors see when they visit your profile. Your bio should tell your Pinterest visitors What you doWho do you help, so Who you work with. Ideally, use a similar tagline you have on your website.

Your bio can help you get subscribers, clients, customers or loyal followers, but you only have 160 characters to interest and impress your visitors. Your bio should include keywords and call to action It’s a great way to convert Pinterest profile visitors or followers into email subscribers or potential clients.


The most important tip about Pinterest boards is that your Pinterest boards should be geared toward your ideal clients. What does it mean? Think about the topic your target market needs.

I’d suggest rearranging the boards in a logical order, so your visitor can have an even better idea what you do, what you writing about or what information (as they are probably entrepreneurs themselves) will help them build or grow their blog and business.

For example, when I first consider starting to write a blog, I read a blog post (pins) about Blogging tips, then photography – to take better pictures, email marketing tips to get email subscribers and so on. When your visitor is someone who considers starting their business, they would probably read business tips, blogging tips, WordPress/Squarespace tips and so on – in other words, steps they’ll take to create a successful business from scratch.

If you’re a services provider or/and selling product and your blog, boards with your content should be the first boards on your Pinterest profile. This is a great way to showcase your work, show your visitor what you do, what you write about, what you sell and most importantly – it’s a direct way to check out your website and blog.


The board titles should include keywords, try to use descriptive words, so try to explain in one or two words what the board is about. As board titles use verbs i.e. Blogging, Branding, Writing or nouns i.e. Business, Design, Email Marketing. To keep the board titles consistent, try to use the same number of words on all titles. Also, use the same writing style, so all board titles UPPERCASE, lowercase or Title Case. If you use symbols like |, /, – etc. consistently use the same symbol in all board titles.

To increase your chances that someone would find your content on Pinterest, add keywords to the description of your boards. Think about the exact words that your audience would type into Pinterest’s search box (again, Pinterest is a search engine) to find your boards. 


To get recognition on Pinterest and get repins, it’s important to come up with a style for your blog post images you share on Pinterest. Having pinnable graphics (images that get loads of repins) allows you to enhance your brand, get recognition, maintain a consistent visual style and get more visitors and followers. For people to recognize your work or blog posts, it’s important to create a theme for your pins.

Use photography that resonates with your brand, your color palette, fonts and other elements you use in your brand identity. At the course of time, your visitors would instantly recognize that the pin they see in their feed is from your blog. The best thing is that, when you have beautiful, vertical, on brand image, people will click through to your blog and website and you’ll transform your Pinterest visitor in website visitor and they’ll come back.

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