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How to Choose the Right Font for Your Website

January 16, 2021
As you know, tiny details can make a website look more professional. Sometimes, minor changes greatly improve your website design. Picking the right font for your website can have a huge impact on your business. Choosing the right font may seem boring, but it matters a lot. That’s why, leading magazines and websites focus on the fonts they use. Due to the importance of font design, senior designers spend some time considering their chosen...
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How to Create a Brand Voice for Your Business

January 12, 2021
When it comes to branding, companies often focus on the visual identity of their brand. Since the company’s logo is the first thing that catches users’ attention. But what if a company suddenly loses its logo? How can it be recognized? That’s where the brand voice comes into play. It’s just as important as the brand visual identity. In this blog post, you’ll understand what a brand voice is and how to create one.   What’s a...
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Everything You Must Know About Emotional Design

January 10, 2021
Emotions play a critical role in our lives. No matter how logical we claim to be, emotions often have a great impact on our decisions. When it comes to designing, designers should consider how users feel during their interaction with a product. Since design is a combination of art and science. In fact, it’s not always enough to create a beautiful product which meets the technical requirements. We must also consider the emotional aspect of our...
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How to Become an Android Developer

January 6, 2021
Why Android? Due to the importance of Android in the market, mastering Android development skills will guarantee your future. Android was first introduced in 2007. But now, this operating system is found on nearly 75% of all smartphones worldwide. It’s an open-source programming language which makes the developer ecosystem dynamic and enriching. Android developers publish over three thousand apps on the Google Play Store every day. In this blog,...
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How to Build a Successful Webinar Marketing Strategy

January 2, 2021
Until quite recently, people living in smaller cities had difficulties taking part in their favorite workshops or classes. Whenever there was a class in another city, we had no choice but to pack our things and travel there. Besides the cost, it would take a lot of time to get there. Sometimes, it wasn’t even worth it. But now, thanks to technology, things have changed and we don’t have to do that anymore. Webinars have made everything really...
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How to Create Strong Visual Identity for Your Brand

December 26, 2020
Every person has a certain combination of characteristics. In other words, we all have our own interests, perspectives and personalities. In fact, that’s what makes us unique. These characteristics aren’t confined to humans. Every business has also a unique identity that makes it different from its competitors. In this blog post, we intend to tell you more about the visual identity and how it helps your business. Here are the topics we want...
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How to Design an Eye-catching Poster?

December 22, 2020
What Is a Poster in Simple Words? Poster is a kind of tool for visual content marketing which promotes an idea, a product or an event. Posters include both graphic and textual elements. A well-designed poster can speak for itself and there is no need for an author presence. Posters give a short introduction of your idea while providing a useful interaction between the brand and your audience. Good posters feature a compelling message and a powerful...
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How to Create a Beautiful Website Background?

December 17, 2020
What Is a Website Background? Website backgrounds are one of the most important factors in web design. Backgrounds can help build the structure of your website. They also separate the different parts of a webpage. Like other design elements, they have a great impact on your user experience. But they’re not really visible unless they’re super great or just awfully designed. Your Website background conveys emotions and reflects your brand...
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6 Steps to Become A Successful Freelance Programmer

December 14, 2020
Advantages of Being A Freelance Programmer Financial benefits, independence and flexibility are the most fascinating aspects of being a freelance programmer. As a freelance programmer, you can make more money depending on your experience. Freelancing has much more advantages than working for a company. For instance, you will get rid of long commutes and hard disciplines in the workplace. Also, you don’t need a college degree to get to call...
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Meet Bixby: Samsung’s Virtual Assistant

December 9, 2020
When it comes to virtual assistants, some of you might immediately think of a movie called “her”. What we see in such movies, hasn’t come true yet but nothing’s impossible. In 2010, Apple introduced Siri, the first virtual assistant with a voice. Then, other tech giants managed to come up with their own virtual assistant. Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa were introduced in 2014. Finally, Samsung created its own virtual...
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