5 Tips for Creating an IoT App

October 7, 2020
As a business owner, keeping up with technology is very important. You can gain a competitive advantage by adapting to the latest technological advances. Moreover, innovations have a great impact on your business revenue. These days, the Internet of Things is not an emerging trend anymore. It’s an accepted concept which is growing rapidly. IoT has become a hot topic and it’s being applied in so many fields. IoT reduces your total cost and it...
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Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

October 3, 2020
In today’s world, computers are everywhere and it has become impossible not to interact with them in our everyday life. Using Apple’s Siri, shopping online, even getting money from an ATM are some basic examples of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). In this article, you’ll learn the following items: What is Human-Computer Interaction? The Difference Between HCI and UX Design Three Components of HCI The Goal of HCI Factors...
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How to Make your Password Stronger

September 28, 2020
Password Password is a secret word, phrase, symbol or a combination of all. It’s used along with a username, phone number or an email to verify your identity. This combination is often known as the login process. A password is considered as a shield to protect your account against unauthorized access, hacker bots or any kind of cyberattacks. In this article, we’ll explain common cracking methods and some strategies you can use to protect your...
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Influencer Marketing | How Can it Help Your Business?

September 19, 2020
A Brief Definition of Influencer Marketing Social media has become an inseparable part of our lives. We spend hours browsing Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. These days, it's pretty normal to see your favorite blogger or influencer, promoting a new product on one of these platforms. This collaboration between an influencer and a particular brand is called influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a kind of social media marketing that...
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Turn Your Mobile into a Digital Wallet

September 15, 2020
Mobile payment apps have made everything much easier. You no longer need to carry cash or a credit card wherever you go. Just tap your phone against a contactless credit card terminal and pay within seconds. Also, due to the coronavirus pandemic, people prefer not to deal with cash or different cards. That’s why these apps have taken over traditional methods of payment. In this article, we’ll cover the following items: What Is Mobile...
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What is Biometrics in Simple Words?

September 1, 2020
Biometrics “Who is she?” “Is she really the person she claims to be?” “Can I allow her to access this data?” Unlocking our phone or laptop, using our credit card, logging into our Instagram account, even traveling are some cases in which we encounter the above questions. It’s obvious that we cannot do the things above unless we give the right answer to such questions. So proving one’s identity is a very serious matter not only to...
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Cyberattacks: The Most Common Types

September 1, 2020
We live in a world where most of our transactions are being handled online. Whether you’re an individual surfing through the internet or a company dealing with important data, cyberattacks can have disastrous results. Attackers can easily steal your data and you don’t even notice. That’s why cybersecurity is a critical matter that should be taken more and more seriously. So it’s necessary to get familiar with the most common types of...
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CRM: Different Types and Benefits

September 1, 2020
Today, delivering sincere value to customers should be considered as the first priority for every business. In fact, anyone who wants to make significant headway in the market, has to understand the importance of customer service. Unfortunately, many small businesses still deal with spreadsheets and sticky notes to track every relationship they have with different customers. These businesses probably use an Excel spreadsheet to record only basic...
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The Effective Executive according to Peter Drucker

September 1, 2020
When hearing the word “management”, Peter Drucker is probably the first person that comes to your mind. He has written more than 30 books about management and has been really effective in this field. As a chief executive or a knowledge worker, you need the most valuable resources. The society depends on people like you. If you’re effective, your company will be useful and can make people’s lives easier. So you are an inseparable part of...
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IT Outsourcing: Advantages and Disadvantages

September 1, 2020
What is Outsourcing? Generally, outsourcing is a strategy by which an organization hires independent contractors or another company to perform services on its behalf.   What is IT Outsourcing? IT outsourcing is the process of using an external service provider to perform certain information technology functions including managing infrastructure, directing strategy and running the service desk. Due to the rapid changes in technology, most...
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