Why Should Managers Use Project Management Tools?

March 30, 2021
Nowadays, managers should handle multiple tasks and projects at the same time. Since there are lots of details to consider, managing is not an easy task. Therefore, whether you work for a large company or a small business, you need to use some project management tools. Project management tools are key to running an effective group project. Managers use these tools to improve team productivity and to successfully complete different phases of their...
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Top Reasons Not to Hate HR Professionals

February 20, 2021
Small businesses often ignore the importance of human resources department. Although HR management is not taken seriously in small companies, it can determine their success or failure. In fact, HR management plays a critical role in every business, regardless of its size. Here, we’ll walk you through some of the main responsibilities of HR department and explain how it helps your company.   What Is the HR Department? Employees often...
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Smart Home: a Great Technological Innovation

February 15, 2021
Have you ever wanted to control your lights remotely, or brew coffee with your smartphone while lying on the couch? Do you like your coffee to have the same amount of milk and sugar every day? Or do you want to activate your washing machine while working in your office? You can find all these features in a smart home. Some people forget to switch the lights off or turn the heat down before leaving the house. These people are likely to be...
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Can DuckDuckGo Finally Beat Google?

February 13, 2021
Can you imagine a world without search engines? Probably not. All of us spend most of our time surfing the Internet. Search engines help find what you’re looking for within a few seconds. They are fast and powerful. Generally, when it comes to search engines, we instantly think of Google. In fact, Google has become so popular that we often use it as a verb. But have you ever considered replacing Google with another search engine? There are lots...
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How To Use Animation in Marketing

February 8, 2021
Marketing managers are always looking for innovative ways to draw attention to themselves. As search engine algorithms are constantly changing, businesses don’t want to fall behind their competitors. In fact, they’re always trying to find creative marketing ideas so as to boost their profits. Using animation is a creative marketing strategy which helps businesses explain complicated concepts in a simple way. Here, we’ll explain the reasons...
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What Is Website Navigation?

February 4, 2021
Whenever people want to know more about something, they google it. There are numerous websites which can help people find what they’re looking for. If your website is not easy to navigate, people will leave and defect to your competitors. Therefore, it’s necessary to identify certain navigational elements on your website. Here, we provide useful tips on how to create excellent web navigation.   What Is Website Navigation? To put it...
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An Introduction to Dark Mode: Definition, Pros & Cons

January 30, 2021
Have you ever gotten fed up with your routine phone theme? Here, we’ll introduce a different theme which has been recently brought to market. This innovative theme is called dark mode and it’s now one of the biggest trends in design. In fact, dark theme has become pretty popular, especially among programmers. You can enable dark theme on all of your apps including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. In this guide, we’ll talk about dark mode...
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Everything About Usability and Usability Testing

January 23, 2021
Thousands of new apps go live every day. But there are only a few ones you use the most. Consider one of the apps you find most helpful on a day-to-day basis. Is it easy to use? How long does it take you to achieve your goal? These are the questions you should take into account when measuring the usability of your product. In fact, usability is an important concept in every design. When your website is not easy to use, people tend to leave and...
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How to Choose the Right Font for Your Website

January 16, 2021
As you know, tiny details can make a website look more professional. Sometimes, minor changes greatly improve your website design. Picking the right font for your website can have a huge impact on your business. Choosing the right font may seem boring, but it matters a lot. That’s why, leading magazines and websites focus on the fonts they use. Due to the importance of font design, senior designers spend some time considering their chosen...
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How to Create a Brand Voice for Your Business

January 12, 2021
When it comes to branding, companies often focus on the visual identity of their brand. Since the company’s logo is the first thing that catches users’ attention. But what if a company suddenly loses its logo? How can it be recognized? That’s where the brand voice comes into play. It’s just as important as the brand visual identity. In this blog post, you’ll understand what a brand voice is and how to create one.   What’s a...
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