5 WordPress Plugins Using AI and ML

October 24, 2020

AI in WordPress

From autonomous vehicles to chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI) and specifically, machine learning (ML) continue to develop at a fast pace. They have a great impact on how we live, work and interact with each other. This new technology has already become part of our lives. We may not notice but it has countless applications in so many fields, one of which is WordPress, a widely used CMS. So, in this post, you’ll learn more about the great importance of these technologies and how they’re used in WordPress plugins:

  1. What is AI?
  2. What is ML?
  3. WordPress Plugins Using AI and ML


1. What is AI?

A few years ago, AI was only an imagination. We used to see it in science fiction movies. Nobody would have ever thought that someday, robots could perform human tasks even better than humans themselves. But what does AI actually refer to? Artificial intelligence is the science of machines performing human activities. It’s concerned with creating smart robots to simulate human behavior. Artificial intelligence can be categorized into two types:


Narrow AI:

Any kind of AI-based device that we deal with every day, falls under this category. Narrow AI (aka weak AI) is the artificial intelligence that currently exists in the world. It refers to the systems that can only perform specific tasks. We, as humans, are able to evaluate the environment and react accordingly to different situations. But these smart machines are not as flexible as the human brain. So, they cannot think like us.

These intelligent machines cannot do beyond what they’ve been programmed for. So, they have very limited capabilities. Narrow AI doesn’t deal with emotions or cognitive abilities. It uses predefined data and acts based on pre-written programs. Siri, Alexa and other virtual assistants, Google search and NLP tools are common examples of Narrow AI systems. Even self-driving vehicles which seem to be pretty complicated, consist of several narrow AI systems.


Artificial General Intelligence (AGI):

AGI (aka strong AI or deep AI) refers to the systems with human-level intelligence. It’s the kind of artificial intelligence that we see in movies like “her”, where there are emotional machines and systems with a full set of cognitive abilities. AGI systems can think like us, understand different concepts and react swiftly to any situation. Unlike Narrow AI, they have general intelligence to solve any kind of problem.


Artificial Superintelligence (ASI):

ASI systems don’t just simulate human behavior. They’re much better at everything we do. Simply put, they’re self-aware and can solve problems faster. Some people think that artificial super intelligence may be a threat to human existence but it’s just a hypothetical theory and it’s too soon to worry about it.



2. What is ML?

Machine learning (ML) is a subset of artificial intelligence that helps computer programs improve through experience. It’s based on algorithms that can learn from user activity by finding patterns in data. Machine learning enables systems to make better decisions without being programmed to do so.



3. WordPress Plugins Using AI and ML

As previously mentioned, AI and ML have so many applications. They’re actually changing the way in which things used to be done and WordPress is no exception. In fact, it’s the only content management system that broadly uses AI modules. WordPress is pretty popular due to its wide variety of plugins. It offers tens of thousands of plugins for customizing your website and enhancing the user experience. Now, we introduce a few WordPress plugins that use artificial intelligence and machine learning.



Akismet is a helpful plugin that’s pre-installed on WordPress websites. It applies artificial intelligence to check all the comments and reviews posted on your website. You no longer need to read each and every comment so as to check whether it’s appropriate or not. This plugin uses artificial intelligence to automatically delete spam comments. Plus, it offers a status history that shows which comments have been filtered out by Akismet or a moderator.


After the Deadline

If your content has too many spelling errors or grammar mistakes, there will be no point in reading it. Because you cannot properly convey what you mean. After the deadline is a language checker plugin that analyzes the readability of your content. It applies artificial intelligence and NLP to find typos and grammar errors on your website. Moreover, it offers smart suggestions to help you write more efficiently.



Customer support is one of the most important features that every website should offer. As the name suggests, this plugin provides your website with a chatbot that answers users’ questions at any hour of the day or night. However, sometimes users might ask very specific questions. This chatbot allows you to switch to a human assistance to help them.


Google Language Translator

There are multiple ways for translating a WordPress website but this plugin uses AI and ML to do so. Google language translator allows you to have your website translated in more than 103 languages. It automatically detects the user language and translates your website according to the user preferences. As a result, your content will be available to the people from all around the world. Moreover, there’s a paid version of this plugin that enables search engine optimization and increases your website traffic.



Biblio is a useful plugin that makes users spend more time on your website. It applies AI to suggest posts to your users related to what they’re currently reading.  This plugin increases not only your website traffic and the average time on site but also your revenue.

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